Tips for finding phone, internet, and TV services when moving to a new home

One of the hassles of moving to a new home is that you may need to find new phone, internet and TV providers. Even if you can keep your existing providers, you might want to use moving as an excuse to switch to a better or more affordable provider. Here are some tips on how you can make the switch easier.

Assess what you really need

Take a look at your current plans and usage. See what services you are paying for and which ones you actually use. For example, you may be paying a flat rate which includes unlimited long distance, but rarely call long-distance numbers. Based on this information, make a list of what services you absolutely must have and which ones would be nice to have. Some of the services you will have to consider are:
• Local calling
• Long-distance calling
• Regional calling
• International calling
• Cell phone plans
• Data plans for cell phone
• Cable TV
• Internet and its speed

Use comparison sites

Luckily, there are now many comparison sites which let you compare the costs of services and bundles of services from different providers. This will make it a lot easier to determine which package is best, or whether you should buy services individually from more than one provider. In most cases, the bundled packages are the best deal – but only if you really use everything which is included.

Don't forget to budget for set-up fees

A lot of phone, internet, and cable providers will make you pay a set up or service fee. These can actually be quite high, so be sure to have it in your budget.

Understand the contract

Be sure you understand the contract terms of both your old and new service providers. Especially take note of what happens if you try to get out of your contract early, and any special conditions which will allow you to leave the contract early. For example, if you move again and the provider doesn’t have coverage in the new area, then you might be allowed out of the contract without penalty.

Is the rate tied to the contract period?

Oftentimes, those great rates you are quotes are just introductory offers. Once the contract or intro period is over, you might be surprised by very high rates. Make sure you understand if and when the rates can change.

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