Quotes and Reservations

The very first step to moving is to call several moving companies for quotes or estimates. These moving quotes will help you set your moving budget and decide which services you need. West LA Movers offers free moving quotes from skilled estimators. Our years of experience and commitment to customer service mean you always get an accurate moving estimate.

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Making Sense of Moving Quotes
Once you start getting moving quotes, you might be surprised to see huge price differences for seemingly the same services. There are a few reasons for this that you need to be aware of if you are going to budget for your move properly.

Moving Quotes Over the Phone
If you are requesting a moving quote over the phone or online, the moving company can only make an educated guess at how much the move will cost. They have no idea how much or little items are in your home, whether you have special moving needs, or whether parking will be an issue for the move. For these reasons, moving quotes over the phone are very unreliable. You will need to have a moving estimator come to your home to give you an accurate estimate.

When calling for moving quotes, you will certainly hear a huge range of prices – and these prices will probably be lower than what an estimator tells you when visiting your home. Many unscrupulous companies always say a very low price over the phone in hopes that you will ultimately get roped into using them and paying more than expected.

Local Moving Quotes
Local moving quotes are almost always based on an hourly rate. The rate can vary drastically between companies depending on how many movers they send out, equipment needed, and whether you will need any special services like packing/unpacking.

Local moving quotes are generally pretty easy to understand. However, it is still up to you to inquire into the level of service. Make a point of asking questions like whether you will be charged when the movers take breaks and whether the movers will go the extra mile to unload your belongings where you specify.

Long Distance Moving Quotes
Long distance moving quotes can be a bit complicated to understand since there are so many variables to factor. Unlike local moving quotes which are usually on an hourly rate, long distance moves are quoted on a fixed price. When you look at the moving quote, you will see a list of costs including costs based on the amount or weight of belongings, the distance traveled, fuel, origin and destination charges (like parking and permits), extra services like packing, and any third-party services.

Types of Moving Quotes
There are three types of moving quotes that you may receive: binding, non-binding, and non-binding not-to-exceed quotes. It is very important that you understand what type of quote you are getting when comparing estimates from different moving companies.

Binding Moving Quotes
A binding moving quote lists a fixed price that you will pay for the move. Even if the movers underestimated the amount of belongings you have, you will still not have to pay more than the quoted price. On the other side though, if you have fewer belongings than estimated, you will still have to pay the quoted price. It is impossible for movers to estimate the amount of belongings you have with 100% accuracy. Also, some customers might sneak in items on moving day that weren’t there during the original estimate. For this reason, not many moving companies give out binding moving estimates.

Non-Binding Moving Quotes
A non-binding moving quote is commonly used for local moving services. The services are quoted on an hourly rate and the moving company gives you a general estimate of how long the move should take. The problem with non-binding moving estimates is that many unscrupulous moving companies will quote fewer hours than is realistic. The customer then is in for a big surprise when the move takes longer than estimated, and thus costs much more too.

Non-Binding Not-to-Exceed Moving Quotes
Non-binding moving quotes with not-to-exceed clauses are generally the best type of moving estimate for both the customer and the moving company. The quote is given based on an estimate of how many hours the move will take (or the weight of belongings for long-distance moves). If the move takes less time than estimated, you pay less than the estimate. If the move takes longer than estimated, you pay more – but you have the peace of mind which comes with knowing that you won’t pay above the “not-to-exceed” amount.

Making Moving Reservations
The process of choosing a moving company should not be taken lightly. You need to give yourself enough time to research companies and get several on-site moving quotes from them. After making your decision, you will then need to make reservations with the moving company.

West LA Movers is a professional moving company. Even with our large fleet of moving trucks and full team of adept movers, we can still get booked up, especially for the end of the month and weekend moves. Thus, we recommend that you make your moving reservations well in advance. It is recommended that you reserve your date for long-distance moves at least 1 month in advance and at least 2 weeks in advance for local moves. The earlier you make your reservations, the more likely you will be to get the dates you want.

In order to secure your moving date, you will need to sign a contract with us during the reservation. We make the process as simple as possible and our contracts are clear and easy to understand. There are never any hidden fees so you know exactly what you are paying for and what services you will receive.