Commercial Relocation

Don’t let your relocation disrupt your business. West LA Movers offers streamlined office and commercial business relocation services. Let us get your business moved overnight so you can get on with operations.

Our Commercial Relocation Services Include:
• Commercial relocation throughout West LA
• Long-distance commercial relocations
• Dedicated commercial relocation managers
• Executive relocation services
• Moving planning and coordination
• Packing services
• Office setup
• Specialty relocation services

Planning for a Successful Commercial Relocation
For a commercial relocation to be successful, you must plan for success. We will work with you to come up with a relocation plan for your business which includes:
• Pre-move planning
• Inventory management
• Obtaining permits and special requirements
• Scheduling dates and timeframes
• Fixed relocation costs

With decades of experience in commercial relocations, our moving agents have the knowledge required to plan all the details of your move, regardless of which industry your business is in.

Professional Strategies for Reducing Downtime during a Commercial Move
As part of our commercial relocation services, we can help you come up with a strategy for getting the move completed in the swiftest and least-disrupting manner possible. Some of the ways our expert moving agents can help you strategize include:
• Color-coding work areas so they can be relocated in an efficient manner
• Detailed inventory tagging
• Floor plan management
• Disassembly and reassembly of workstations and furniture
• Handling of large and oversized items
• Disposal and donation of surplus items
• Temporary storage solutions

Packing and Preparing Belongings for the Relocation
Trying to tackle packing for a commercial move yourself can put your business in disarray for months and reduce employee productivity. Let us get the packing process done quickly and without hassle. We can have trained, expert packers come over at a strategic time before the move. Our packers have received specialty training in methods of handling commercial items such as sensitive electronics, modular units, office furniture, large appliances, filing systems, and oversized items.

By using our professional packing services for your commercial relocation, you get the peace of mind that your belongings will be safe during the move and are fully covered. Computerized inventory means you can keep track of items during the entire process. We can also help you unpack your business’s belongings in the new location. Just provide us with a detailed floor plan and we can have everything set up so your employees can get back to work.

Keeping Your Business Safe during the Relocation
At West LA Movers, we don’t just keep your belongings safe during the move with our professional practices; we make sure your entire business stays safe. Our commercial movers take precautions like putting down carpet liners, wall guards, padding, and other protective equipment to make sure no damages occur to the physical business. We can also help obtain any insurance that your building may require.

Avoiding Common Relocation Problems
By implanting a through relocation strategy, we can ensure that common commercial relocations problems are avoided. Part of the strategy includes proper inventory measures, tagging and labeling, safe packing practices, and ensuring that the right equipment is available. Because of our decades of service in the moving industry and experience with various commercial relocations, we are able to foresee potential problems in advance and ensure that nothing is overlooked. Even the smallest details of your commercial relocation can be vital for its success, such as obtaining permits and having the right equipment available. Don’t risk chaos and downtime. Choose West LA Movers for your commercial relocation and you can rest assured that the move will go seamlessly.

Finding Solutions to All Your Commercial Relocation Challenges
Even the smallest businesses can come across many challenges during the relocation process. West LA Movers prides itself on working with all our customers, no matter how big or small, to find solutions for their unique moving challenges. We keep trained specialists on staff for specialized services like electronics packing, crating, rigging, and furniture installation. We also have strong relationships with many third-party providers throughout LA who can help with any services we are unable to offer ourselves. All of the third-party providers we use have been carefully vetted for quality and we have deals with them to ensure best prices. When you have your on-site moving estimate with one of our commercial relocation managers, the manager will explain your options and inform you of specialized services which you may require or want.