Moving Tips

Moving may be an exciting time and represent a big milestone in your life, but the actual process of moving can hardly be described as enjoyable. In fact, moving will probably make your life a messy stress for months. Here are some moving tips to help make the process easier and more efficient.

Tips for Getting Organized for a Move
There is a lot to do in order to prepare for a move. The key to making sure nothing gets overlooked is staying organized. Here are some moving tips for staying organized.

Start Well in Advance
Moving preparation should start months in advance. You might think that a couple weeks is enough to get everything done, but you’ll be surprised how long seemingly-simple tasks like getting packing supplies or choosing a moving company can take.

Create a Moving Binder
Make a binder where you will keep all of the information pertaining to your move. It helps you stay organized to have all of this in a central location.

Make Lists
You will need several lists to help you stay organized. Here are just some of them you will need:
• Master list of everything to be done plus timeline
• Change of address list
• Packing supplies list
• Inventory of valuable items
• List of items requiring special packing
• List of items for essentials box
• Utility provider list

Download Apps
There are now many apps you can download for your phone which will help you stay organized. See which ones are available and suit your needs, such as apps for creating a floor plan or inventory apps.

Measure Furniture
Make sure your furniture will be able to get in and out of doorways, hallways, and staircases on moving day! Measure the furniture and all other large items. If it won’t fit, then see if you can disassemble it. A good moving company will do this for you. If the furniture can’t be disassembled, then consider selling or donating it.

Tips for Getting Rid of Belongings
You will probably have a lot of belongings to get rid of before moving. While it is easier to get rid of items than move them with you, remember that even purging yourself of clutter can be a big task. Here are some moving tips to help you reduce.

Take It Slow
Don’t try to purge your entire home of clutter in one day. You might end up throwing away too many items, or not enough because the process is so emotional.

Sell Items Months in Advance
Selling items is a good way to make some extra cash, but it takes a lot of time to get items ready for sale (cleaning them, taking photos, etc.), list them online, and then pack and mail them. If you are having a garage sale, then you will have lots of work getting ready and advertising the sale. So start at least 2 months before moving day.

Don’t Throw Away Too Much
It might be tempting to throw away that bulky couch, saying that you will buy a new one when you arrive. But that means you will have to spend money on a new couch when you arrive, plus have the immediate task of shopping. Assess whether it is really better to toss items or move them.

Packing Tips
Packing is generally the hardest part of moving. Here are some vital packing tips for moving.

Getting Packing Supplies
If you are going to use free boxes, you will need to start collecting them at least 1 month in advance. Remember it usually takes about 90 boxes to move a family home!

Come Up with a Color-Coding System
You should assign each room of the house a color and label all boxes accordingly. Provider the movers with a copy of the color-coding system (or just put the color label on each door of the new home) so they can unload the boxes where they go.

Label All Boxes
Label all boxes with a color sticker according to the system you devised. You will also want to label boxes with fragile items. Label all sides of the boxes as well as the top!

Pack By Room
Keep items in the same room together. To make this easier, spend some time really getting your home organized before you begin packing.

Take Inventory
As you pack, give each box a letter (for the room) and a number. For example, boxes in the kitchen would be labeled K-1, K-2, etc. and boxes in the living room would be LR-1, LR-2, etc. Have a spreadsheet and write down the box numbers and their contents.

Tips for Choosing a Moving Company
A good moving company is going to be your partner throughout the moving process and help you stay organized and get the move done without damages. Here are some tips to help you choose the right moving company.

Get At Least Three In-Home Estimates
Don’t go by moving estimates you find online. A moving company should come to your home to provide an accurate estimate.

Choose a Non-Binding Not-to-Exceed Moving Estimate
Local moves are usually on an hourly rate. To ensure you won’t pay much more than estimated, choose a non-binding estimate that has a not-to-exceed amount.

Tell the Movers about All the Details
Make sure your movers know all the details of the move before they give an estimate, such as the flight of your new apartment, whether you can reserve the elevator, and where parking will be located. This will help them give you an accurate estimate and make sure you have the right moving services you need.