Packing and Unpacking

West LA Movers makes moving easy on you with packing and unpacking services. Our packing services are very flexible and you can utilize them for as much of your belongings as you’d like. We excel at packing and only use the most professional methods, taking steps to ensure your belongings stay safe while saving your valuable time.

Some of the benefits of using professional packing services for your move include:
• Have packing done in 1 day
• No need to find or buy boxes
• Keep your belongings safe
• Skilled packing means fewer boxes to move
• Full valuation insurance for packed items
• Specialty packing supplies, like padded packing and custom crates
• Detailed inventory and tracking

Full or Partial Packing Services
We understand that many families prefer to pack up their belongings themselves. With our flexible packing services, you can pack up as much or little of your belongings as you want and leave the difficult items for our professional packers. You can even take advantage of our last-minute packing services and have our movers box up any remaining items on the day of the move. West LA Movers always will work with you to find the right solution to save you time and money.

Items Which Should Be Professionally Packed
Even if you choose to pack most of your belongings yourself, it is still wise to use professional packing services for fragile or delicate items. Professional packers have the right boxes and know techniques for packing fragile items so they stay safe. With professional packing, you also receive full valuation insurance for the items. Some items that should be professionally packed include:
• Flat screen TVs
• Stereos and electronics
• Computers
• Framed objects (mirrors, paintings…)
• Glass items
• Marble and ceramic items
• Antiques
• Structurally-weak furniture

Mirror Image Unpacking Services
One of the unique services West LA Movers offers is “mirror image” unpacking services. With these services, our movers will unpack your belongings in your new home exactly as they were in your old home. They do this by carefully documenting and taking photographs of belongings before packing them. The unpacking team is then able to replicate items down to the most minute details, such as putting books on the right shelves and knick-knacks on their proper shelves. Furniture can be set up as specified in a floor plan, or we can come up with the floor plan ourselves. When you move in, you will already feel like you are at home!

Cost of Packing Services for a Move
Packing services are based on an hourly rate per packer, plus supplies. Additional services, such as custom wooden crating, are tallied separately from the hourly rate. When you schedule your on-site moving estimate with West LA Movers, a moving agent will explain the details of our packing services and provide you with an estimate of how long packing will take and how much it will cost. The moving agent can also point out any items which might require special consideration, like artwork or slate pieces from pool tables. After the estimate, you are free to pack up as much of your belongings as you’d like. You only pay for the services used, not the amount estimated for all of your belongings.

How Packing Services Can Save You Money
For many of our clients, budget is what stops them from using professional packing services for their move. However, packing services can actually help save you money on your move. The first way that packing services save you money is by allowing for full insurance valuation of your belongings. No moving company can claim full liability for items they did not pack themselves as improper techniques may have been used. Professional packing means you save money by not having to pay for damaged items. In the unlikely event that a professionally-packed item is damaged during the move, you are covered for it.

Our professional packers are very skilled at what they do and know techniques for getting items safely into as few boxes as possible. This means that you will ultimately have fewer boxes than if you’d packed yourself. When you have fewer boxes, there are fewer boxes to move – which means your move will go much faster and you save money on hourly moving rates.

Professional packing services also prevent unforeseen problems, such as not being able to fit furniture out of doorways. These sort of problems can add time, cost, and hassle to the move. Our packers take measurements and determine whether furniture should be dismantled. They do this efficiently with the right tools and can quickly reassemble furniture at your new home.

What to Expect with Our Professional Packing and Unpacking Services
The first step to any of our moving services is to call and schedule an estimate. An experienced moving agent will come to your home and take a general inventory of your belongings and listen to the details of your specific moving needs. The moving agent will then be able to give an estimate of how many movers you will need, how long the move will take, whether you will need any special services, and the cost of the move. Our moving estimates are always very detailed and easy to understand. The agent will explain the estimated costs of packing/unpacking services separately.

When you make your reservation for moving services with us, you can schedule a time for packing services. Full packing services are usually done on the day before the move. Partial packing services, such as furniture disassembly, can sometimes be done on the same day as the move.

All items packed by us are carefully inventoried with digital technology. On moving day, the bill of lading is signed and you can rest assured that your belongings will make it to their destination safely. Once at your new home, our movers can quickly set up furniture. Depending on the size of your move, unpacking services can be done on the arrival day or the next day.