Long Distance Movers

Clear communication and strategic planning are key to a successful long distance move. With decades of experience and thousands of long-distance and interstate moves under our belts, West LA Movers has what it takes to get the move done seamlessly. Our professional movers take care of your belongings every step of the way and treat you with respect so you can get resettled in your new home.

Why Choose Us for Long Distance Moving Services?

Experienced Moving Managers
When you choose West LA Movers for your long distance move, you will be assigned a moving manager who will handle all the details and logistics of your move. Our moving managers have extensive experience and are trained to identify and prepare for any issues which could occur. You never have to worry about unforeseen problems causing delays when you choose us for long distance moving services!

Thousands of Successful Long Distance Moves Completed
Every year, we handle thousands of moves, including long-distance moves. This experience has taught us project management techniques, time-saving tactics, and also how to give our customers value. Don’t trust your belongings with anyone but a reputable mover with experience like ours.

Tools and Technology for All Sizes of Moves
No matter how complex your moving needs are, we are sure we can meet them. We have at our disposal a fleet of modern moving trucks, tools like dollies and lifts, and advanced technology such as digital inventory and shipment tracking. These tools, along with our decades of experience, allow us to handle all sizes of moves without a hitch.

Unbeatable Customer Service
You are putting your belongings in our hands and the least you can expect is to be treated with courtesy. Our movers always strive to go beyond your expectations and deliver unbeatable customer service in every way. From the moment you contact us to when the very last box is unloaded, you can count on friendly service and respect for your property.

Fair Prices and Never Any Hidden Costs
Our long distance moving quotes are based on our decades of experience in the moving industry. Each moving quote is detailed so you fully understand all of the costs associated with the move from the movers’ rates to fuel charges and tolls. With not-to-exceed clauses in all of our non-binding estimates, you can rest assured that you will never have to pay a single cent more than we agreed upon.

FMCSA Licensed for Long Distance Moves
If you are moving out of state, then you must choose a moving company which is licensed by the FMCSA. We at West LA Movers are not only licensed, but hold ourselves to the highest industry standards and practices. There is never any need to worry about the ability of our drivers or the condition of our vehicles. We will get your belongings delivered safely and we will deliver them on time! For your peace of mind, we offer various insurance options above our standard liability.

Here is How We Complete Your Long Distance Move
1. Make an Inventory
To give you an accurate estimate for long distance moving services, it is important that we have a detailed inventory of your belongings. Don’t worry – we can send a professional moving agent to your home to help with this. The moving agent can also help you identify any specialty moving services you might need, like for packing fragile items or taking apart furniture which won’t fit out doors.

2. Custom Moving Plan and Estimate
Our moving agents work with you to come up with a comprehensive plan for your long distance move. Based on the amount of belongings you have and desired services, they will draw up an estimate for the move. All moving estimates are easy to understand. We provide a detailed explanation of each cost associated with the move and you have the peace of mind which comes with not-to-exceed clauses.

3. Specialty Moving Services
Specialty services are usually arranged long before moving day, such as if you need custom crating made for fragile items or temporary storage. If we are unable to provide a specialty service ourselves, we have a network of reliable third-party providers who work at affordable prices.

4. Packing Services
Depending on the size and schedule of your long distance move, we will send professional packers over to your home 1 to 3 days before moving day. They come prepared with everything which is needed to safely pack your belongings, including reinforced boxes, electronics crates, flat screen TV boxes, and labels. All items are quickly inventoried using digital software.

5. Origin and Destination Management
There are a lot of variables and details to work out during a long distance move. Our moving managers make sure nothing is overlooked, such as vehicle access routes, parking, and permits. If you are moving to or from a shared building, they will also contact the building manager to inquire about elevator usage and access to loading docks.

6. Loading the Moving Truck
When we arrive at your home, we first take steps to protect it from damage, such as by putting down carpet liners and installing wall protectors. Our movers work carefully but quickly to load your belongings onto the moving truck. Everything is strapped in place and furniture is protected with free padding provided by us. The moving truck is then weighed as according to the moving estimate specifications.

7. Meeting You At Your Destination
Our long distance movers will travel approximately 500 miles per day. Time is also required for loading and unloading, so most long distance moves will take a minimum of 3 days. We keep in touch with you during the entire process and meet you at your destination at the agreed-upon time. With our GSP technology and radio communication, you always know where the moving truck and your belongings are.

8. Unloading
To help you get settled in your new home as quickly as possible, our movers will unload everything exactly where you want it. We can also help with additional services, such as putting furniture back together. We don’t leave until you are completely satisfied with the job done.