Box Delivery

Don’t suffer the hassle of having to drive around searching for boxes. With box delivery services from West LA Movers, we make it easy to get packing for your move. Our boxes are affordably priced, delivered at a time which is convenient to you, and offer express services for those last-minute moving needs.

Types of Boxes We Can Deliver:
• Small to large moving boxes from 1.5 to 6 cubic feet
• Reinforced boxes
• Wardrobe boxes
• Dish packs
• China boxes
• Flat screen TV boxes
• Refrigerator and large appliance boxes
• Frame/mirror/artwork boxes
• Guitar boxes
• Electronics boxes
• Bike boxes
• Ski and snowboard boxes
• Keyboard boxes
• Mattress cartons
• Lamp boxes

In addition to moving boxes, we can also help by delivering other packing supplies such as mattress covers, furniture pads, moving blankets, packing tape, and more!

How Many Boxes Do You Need?
Many people don’t realize how many belongings they have before they are forced to pack them all for a move. Once you take items out of cupboards, shelves, and closets, you will probably see that you have more to pack then you realized. It is good practice to get more boxes than you think you need so you don’t have to run around at the last minute trying to find boxes to pack up items. At West LA Movers, we make it easy to calculate the amount of boxes you need. If you are using our box delivery services as part of our local or long-distance moving services, we will buy back any boxes which you don’t use.

Each home is different so it is impossible to give an exact number of boxes which you will need to move. However, here is a general overview of how many boxes most people need to move.

Small Apartment
• 6-10 small boxes
• 3-5 medium boxes
• 3-5 large boxes

3-4 Room House or Apartment
• 10-15 small boxes
• 7-9 medium boxes
• 6-8 large boxes

5-6 Room Home
• 18-26 small boxes
• 12-15 medium boxes
• 8-11 large boxes

7-8 Room Home
• 28-40 small boxes
• 20-25 medium boxes
• 12-16 large boxes

PLUS: In addition to these moving boxes, you will need about ½ to 1 wardrobe box per closet (if using these boxes), 1-3 dish packs, and 1 file box per filing cabinet. You may also need specialty boxes like a flat screen TV box or bike box depending on your needs.

New and Used Box Delivery
To help save you money and support the environment, we give customers the choice of new and used box delivery. Our used boxes are not beat up, dirty boxes like you’d find at the supermarket. We inspect each used box for its condition and only clean and sturdy boxes make it to our supply room.

If you are moving locally and use our box delivery services, you can even sell the used boxes back to us after the move is over. This saves you the hassle of having to haul the boxes to the recycling center yourself and helps you save money too.