5 tips for saving money on an office move

Moving to a new location can be an exciting change for your office, but it can also take a big financial toll. Here are some simple ways that you can save money on your office move.

Disconnect your own equipment

Many commercial moving companies will offer electronic disconnection and setup services, but they usually come at a premium price. Have your tech specialist come up with a plan for disconnecting, labeling, and packing all cables for the move. You will still probably want to have the professional movers pack the electronic equipment as they generally have special electronics crates.

Plan the space

By efficiently planning the space for your new office and providing the movers with a diagram of it, you can help the move get completed faster. You can also help avoid the chaos of having dozens of boxes littering the floor space of your office while you unpack, thus cutting back on down time after the move.

Reduce downtime

Assign someone in the office to be the moving project manager and come up with a plan which will allow the move to be completed with as little downtime as possible. One option may be to do the move in stages so employees can continue working. Another option may be to do the move on a Friday night so everything can be set up and ready to go on Monday morning. Have all departments in the company look over the moving plan and discuss any issues it will cause them.

Investigate parking

You may be required to have a parking permit for the moving van. Also, see if you can reserve a parking spot right in front of the office building. If the moving van is parked right out front, you can avoid "long distance carry" fees and also get the move done faster, saving you a lot of money.

Have employees pack

Get your employees involved in the office move by having them pack their own items. This can also help reduce downtime because, in the new space, they will know where their items are located.

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