Tips for unpacking your stuff after moving

Packing is usually the hardest part of a move but, if you don’t go about it the right way, unpacking can be just as tough. Follow these tips and unpacking will be a breeze!

1. Unload Boxes in their Right Room

Hopefully you took the time to label each box with its room. Ideally, you will do this with colored stickers so the movers can easily see which boxes go together and put them in their right place.

2. Unload Boxes in the Right Spot

It isn't enough to unload boxes in the right room. You also want to make sure you are putting them in the right spot in the room. First, make note where any major pieces of furniture should go and do NOT put boxes there! Then choose one wall or corner and put all the boxes there. Also, make use of closet space. Put boxes which contain unimportant items you won’t be needing right away in the closet to reduce clutter.

3. Designate an Area for Empty Boxes

All those empty boxes will take up a lot of space, so choose a spot for them to go.

4. Put Down Rugs First

Do this first so you can get started on the furniture. Make sure to clean the floor before doing this!

5. Assemble Furniture

Start with the biggest pieces and then work on the smaller pieces. You always want to do this before unpacking anything else, especially so you won’t lose all those little screws and other furniture pieces.

6. Unpack the Kitchen

The faster you get your kitchen unpacked, the sooner you can start eating real food instead of subsisting on takeout.

7. Now Do Your Clothes

Clothes take up a lot of space, so unpacking these will significantly reduce the number of boxes you have.

8. Save Entertainment for Last

As tempting as it might be to unpack your TV and stereo system first, it is generally best to leave this for later. This way, you won’t be tempted to sit back and watch TV when you should be unpacking. Also, it usually takes a while to reconnect all those cables, so you’ll want to do this when you are already tired of lifting boxes.

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