Signs you are ready to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend

Moving in with your girlfriend or boyfriend is a huge step in a relationship. Not only do you get to spend more time together and test your compatibility, but there are also pragmatic benefits to living together – like reduced living expenses. Before you make the big move, make sure you have all the signs that you are ready to live together.

The move isn't motivated by financial reasons

While saving money is one of the benefits of moving in with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it shouldn't be the main reason you decide to live together.

You already spend a lot of time at each other's place

If you spend more than half the week sleeping over with each other, and have many of your things at each other’s place, then you are probably ready to move in.

You have taken a vacation together – and enjoyed it

Going on vacation comes with a lot of stressors, like making travel arrangements, agreeing on what to do, and paying for it. If you can handle these stressors, then you can probably handle the stressors which come with cohabitation.

You take turns paying

When you live together, you will have major expenses to split. You better already be splitting the check or taking turns paying.

You talk about the future

The both of you have talked about what you want in the future (job goals, kids, where to live…). You've also talked seriously about moving in together and given the idea time before making the big move.

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