Just Moved? How to Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

It used to be custom to greet your new neighbors with a jello mold or casserole dish. Well, times have changed and you might move into a new house without ever having your neighbors pop over to introduce themselves. This is unfortunate because it is incredibly important to know your neighbors. Not only are they great assets to have in case you need to borrow the iconic cup of sugar, but knowing your neighbors also makes for a safer community – not to mention a generally more pleasant neighborhood to live in.

If your neighbors don’t make the first step to come over, then you can take the initiative yourselves! Here are a few ways to introduce yourself to the neighbors.

Go Knocking On Doors

People who aren’t shy might consider taking the family around the block, knocking on doors and saying hello to the new neighbors. Do note that this might be a bit uncomfortable for the neighbors as they will feel obligated to invite you in (and might not be prepared for guests!) and also might feel guilty for not having come over themselves.

Wait Until You See Each Other In Passing

Not everyone wants to go around knocking on doors to introduce themselves to the neighbors. Instead, you might just wait until you happen to see the neighbors in passing, such as when out doing yard work or in the elevator of your apartment building. Say hello and tell them who you are. Get a conversation going by asking a question, such as where the best (running paths, bakery, park for picnics…) is located.

Ask to Borrow Something

Head over to a neighbor’s house and ask if you can borrow something like a screwdriver or spatula. This gives you a good opportunity to introduce yourself at their door but without making the new neighbors feel obligated to host you. It also gives you an opportunity to ask for their phone number so you can call and return the borrowed item – which might lead to a lengthier sit-down chat.

Host a Party

Once you get settled into your new home, you can invite your new neighbors over for a small party, like a BBQ or potluck dinner. Just put invitations in their mailboxes and be clear whether their kids are invited or not.

Use Your Children

If you have children, it will feel a lot more natural to go knocking on the doors of other parents in the neighborhood to invite their kids over for a play date.

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