How to pack your home office when moving?

Your home office is one of the hardest rooms to pack when moving because it contains so many different types of items, including pricy, breakable items like electronics and important personal items like files. With these steps, you can ensure that packing your home office goes smoothly for your move.

Clean Out Your Office

In the weeks before you move, you should take the time to go through all the items in your home office. Get rid of any papers or items which you really don’t need. If you come across any items which don’t really belong in your office, return them to their regular home. For example, the box of tissues in your office would probably better belong with the bathroom items. This will make it easier to pack and move.

Get Organized

The key to a successful move is getting very organized ahead of time. When all of your files, documents, and other items are in their right places, you will be able to pack them together and easily find them during unpacking.

Separate Important Documents

In the unlikely case that your items get damaged or lost during a move, you don’t want to lose your important documents. So, you should separate out any of these documents (like birth certificates, passports, etc.) and pack them in a bag to bring with you.

Line Boxes with Plastic Bags

Our home office often contains items which are very sensitive to water – such as paper documents or electronics. Line boxes with plastic garbage bags (you can pack the items right inside of the garbage bag). This will keep them safe in case it is raining on moving day or the box gets dropped in a puddle.

Take Pictures of Electronics before Disassembling

Use your digital camera to take pictures of the setup of your electronic devices. This will make it easier to put the cables back in the right place.

Packing Cables

All cables for electronic devices should be carefully tied (plastic ties work well for this) and put into plastic baggies. Use one baggie for each electronic so cables don’t get mixed up. Also, remember to label each bag with which cables it contains.

Packing Electronics

Ideally you should use the original box that your electronics came with for packing them. If you do not have the original box anymore, than choose a box which is a few inches larger than the electronic. The extra space is needed to leave room for cushioning at the bottom, sides, and top of the box. The boxes should be very sturdy, so it is best to use new boxes instead of used ones.

Use bubble wrap (or a towel, sweater, etc.) to line the bottom of the box before putting items inside. Be sure that the electronics are snugly packed in the box so they don’t wiggle around during the move. Fill in extra space with wadded up newspaper, packing peanuts, or other soft materials.

Remember to Label Everything!

The most important advice to remember for a move is that you need to label everything. Label the boxes with both the room that the box belongs in (office) and also what the box contains. This will make it much easier to unpack your office in your new home.

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