How to pack your exercise equipment for moving?

If you have exercise equipment or a home gym and are moving, then moving all of this equipment can present a big challenge. Here is some advice on how to pack exercise equipment for a move.

Free Weights

Lighter free weights can be packed in boxes, so long as the boxes are reinforced. You might instead want to get crates for the weights. Even when using crates, remember that you shouldn't put too much weight in a single crate or box.

For larger free weights, you can wrap them in paper padding. Then they can be placed right on the floor of the moving truck. A good moving company will have straps or ropes which can be used to secure the weights in place. If moving yourself, make sure that the weights are properly secured or else they can cause severe damage to your other property if they roll around.

Treadmills and Other Large Gym Equipment

If you have a folding treadmill, then you probably won’t want to bother taking it apart for the move. If the treadmill doesn't fold, then it will probably take up too much space in the moving van and you will need to disassemble it. If you've lost the original manual, you can usually download dis assembly / reassembly instructions online.

Any small parts of the treadmill should be put in sturdy plastic baggies and taped to the treadmill so they don’t get lost. If you don’t have the original box for the treadmill, then buy a box for it. Don’t try to get away with just wrapping it in plastic. Treadmills have sensitive parts and need to be kept safe!

Make Sure Your New Home Has Space

Before you move your home gym equipment, make sure your new home has space for it. Remember that you must have high enough ceilings and enough surrounding space to exercise safely on gym equipment. If the equipment isn't going to fit in your new home, you might want to sell it before the move rather than worry about how you are going to transport it.

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