How to move a couch or sofa safely?

When moving, there are usually so many little things to pack that homeowners forget about their couches and sofas. While these items are generally pretty straight-forward to move (just load it into the moving van), there are some things you should keep in mind to make sure your couch or sofa stays safe during the move.

Will it fit

Before moving your couch or sofa, you must take measurements to make sure it will fit out of your old home and into your new home. Don’t forget to take measurements of ceiling heights and around any corners as well to ensure the couch will fit in the space where it needs to go. Many times, people make it to their new home only to realize their couch won’t fit inside!

Dismantle or not

If you have a couch which can be taken apart, you will need to decide whether to dismantle it or not. The benefit of doing this is that the couch will take up less space, and thus save you money on moving expenses. However, dismantling couches can be a hassle, take up time, and you risk losing small parts. Find out how much money you would save by dismantling the couch and then decide whether it is worth it.

Does your moving company offer furniture wrapping

Many quality moving companies will offer free furniture wrapping to keep your belongings safe during the move. Also find out whether they have padding to keep your couch or sofa safe from getting banged up in the moving truck, especially if it has wooden parts which can get scratched.

Trying to move it yourself

If you are doing the move yourself, don’t underestimate how heavy couches can be. It might seem easy to lift, but don’t forget you will have to do more than just lift the couch – you will need to carry it up the ramp to the truck and maybe a fairly long distance from the truck, up the walkway, and into your new home.

If moving your couch yourself, then make sure you have enough help from strong friends. You might need to rent special equipment like lifts to help you get the couch into the moving van. Also, get large blankets or plastic wrap to protect the couch from getting dirty during the move. Loose cushions can be put into large trash bags to be kept clean.

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