10 Tools Which Make Moving So Much Easier

Moving can be incredibly stressful because of all of the zillions of small things you have to do, like filling out change of address forms, interviewing moving companies, and getting all of your belongings packed safely. While these items might not take all of the stress out of moving, they will certainly make the move easier.

1. Colored Dots

Buy colored dot stickers at an office supply store. Then assign one color per room, like pink for the kitchen, red for the living room, green for your bedroom… When moving your belongings into your new home, just put the corresponding dot on the door of the room so the movers know where each box goes.

2. Sharpies

Moving in will be a LOT easier if you take the time to label all of your boxes with what they contain. Don’t forget to label which direction is up and also if the box contains fragile items.

3. Tape Gun

You should always use packing tape for closing moving boxes. Duct tape just isn’t right for this job! But trying to manage the sticky packing tape can quickly get annoying. Make your life easier by buying a tape gun for the move.

4. Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife

When moving, you will find yourself suddenly needed to unscrew things, disassemble furniture, or cut through boxes. You could get a big, clunky carpenter’s belt for all of the necessary tools, or you could just keep a Leatherman or Swiss army knife on you at all times.

5. Plastic Bags of All Sizes

You will be amazed at how useful plastic bags are for moving. Use small plastic bags to keep disassembled furniture screws together (then tape the bag to the furniture). Use medium-sized plastic bags for keeping all of the cords to your stereo system together. Use large plastic garbage bags to line boxes before putting your clean sheets and clothes inside.

6. Furniture Dolly

If you are doing the move yourself, then you will want to rent a furniture dolly. It will pay off because of how much time and strain the dolly saves you. If you hire professional movers, then they will come equipped with their own dollies.

7. Blankets

Blankets or furniture pads can be wrapped around furniture to keep it from getting scratched during transportation. Like with the dolly, a reputable moving company will provide these for you.

8. Ropes and Bungee Cord

You will need these to secure items in place, such as securing boxes onto the dolly and inside the moving truck. Experienced movers can also use ropes (or straps) to move larger pieces of furniture.

9. Apps

There is no shortage of apps these days which can help you with all sorts of aspects of moving. Depending on what your needs are, you can look for apps which do things like:

• Providing moving checklists
• Help you come up with a furniture layout plan in your new home
• Create an inventory of all of your boxes
• Update your address with the post office and all your accounts

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